About "zikzak"

"zikzak" is the new cross-media teaching aid for teaching Natur, Mensch, Gesellschaft from the 5th to 9th grade. It consists of a printed magazine with augmented reality content and a digital platform at zikzak.ch. "zikzak" is structured in modules, can be used across subjects and is geared towards the competencies in the Lehrplan 21. The "zikzak" magazines are monothematic and published quarterly. The name "zikzak" stands for teaching material that deliberately switches back and forth between different learning methods, analogue as well as digital ones. "zikzak" also facilitates working at different levels of difficulty depending on the subject and special requirements. It thus provides the basis for individualized teaching.

How do teachers work with "zikzak"?

In addition to the "zikzak" magazine, the version for teachers includes a personal licence for the online platform. This gives teachers access to materials that are not available to students. On the online platform, learning modules are available for download in Word format. The learning modules include videos, audio content and images, they can be filtered by level and enable individualized teaching. Teachers can put together individual assignments from a variety of materials and share them with their students. Moreover, the platform provides compiled background knowledge, additional information, didactic material and lesson planning. As an alternative to using the learning modules online, teachers can print out worksheets or show materials such as films or pictures in the classroom.

How do students use "zikzak"?

The printed magazine of "zikzak" always forms the basis for tasks. Students do not need to register in order to use the learning materials on the platform. They can access their tasks directly via short links: There are four-digit codes in the magazine next to certain texts and exercises, which can be entered following www.zikzak.ch. The code Bi30 for instance becomes the URL www.zikzak.ch/Bi30. The "LMVSG App" provides even faster access. Here, the materials can be opened with just one click.
The "zikzak" magazine has been consciously designed in a way that makes writing directly into the magazine nonessential. As reusable material, it can be used for different pupils and classes. The students receive the "consumable material" via platform or as worksheets from their teacher. Learning tasks can be worked on in an individual workbook or on sheets, depending on the teacher's preferences.
With "zikzak", pupils can work individually depending on the existing infrastructure. Worksheets can be printed out and distributed by the teacher, videos and picture galleries can be presented in class with a projector. If tablets, computers, or notebooks are available, students can work on learning tasks and solve quizzes directly on the platform. Videos, audio, and augmented reality content are available on the platform as well. Access via tablets, smartphones, and notebooks is suitable for individual or group work.