WeitBlick NMG is an innovative cross-media educational product for 1st and 2nd cycle students aged 6 to 12. It covers a wide range of subjects, including economics, politics, history, geography, society, culture, and religion, offering diverse perspectives on each. The product consists of four magazines and four sets of educational cards for 1st cycle students, eight magazines for 2nd cycle students, and an online platform for both teachers and students.
The term WeitBlick, best translated to "wide view" in English, highlights the product's core focus on encouraging students to explore a topic from multiple perspectives. They do so by observing phenomena of their daily environment which promotes active and experiential learning.
"WeitBlick NMG" provides a variety of assignments and multimedia components that foster collaborative and action-oriented learning. Students are encouraged to delve into the content, using various presentation tools to showcase their knowledge. The flexible digital tasks empower students to work independently at their convenience and offer multimedia resources like explanatory videos.

For teachers, a comprehensive learning management system enables progress tracking, guidance, and evaluation. The teacher platform includes teacher notes, pre-prepared lessons, teaching materials, differentiation options, assessment opportunities, and pedagogical insights. Each magazine consists of three learning modules, each approaching a topic from different angles, all aligned with students' everyday experiences.
In essence, WeitBlick NMG represents:
● A student-centered approach: It empowers children to explore captivating scenarios and phenomena while engaging in meaningful tasks tailored to their abilities.● Support for educators: Comprehensive teaching materials assist teachers in effectively guiding and mentoring their students in subjects related to Nature, People, and Society.● Bridging the gap between the classroom and the real world: This product encourages students to step outdoors, explore their immediate surroundings from various perspectives, and grasp their broader significance.