TRUETRUE is an exceptional educational robot designed to provide a comprehensive coding education for primary and elementary school students. It offers a wide range of engaging content, including unplugged courses and seamless integration with AI. With support for various programming languages such as Scratch and Python, TRUETRUE has gained global recognition and is now exported to 30 countries. Its primary objective is to make coding accessible and enjoyable for all students, fostering their creativity and imagination.

Noteworthy features of TRUETRUE include color-coding cards for intuitive movement, a variety of mobile apps to enhance the learning experience, and seamless compatibility with Scratch, AI, and real programming languages like JavaScript and Python. What sets TRUETRUE apart is its unique combination of unplugged activities and programming languages, offering a cost-effective and innovative solution. Success stories from Spain, UAE, Japan, and Korea highlight the positive impact of TRUETRUE in both online and offline coding education.

Looking ahead, TRUETRUE plans to expand its versatility further, develop cutting-edge AI content, and establish an English-language software education website. The ultimate goal is to bring the joy of coding to a broader audience and foster a vibrant learning community.