Switzerland's historic prosperity is explored through the Swiss Economic History unit, part of the Swiss National Bank's Iconomix program. Students engage in visually narrated case studies, focusing on pivotal companies in Swiss economic history. They learn to evaluate historical decisions from entrepreneurial and economic viewpoints. The initial case study spotlights "Brown, Boveri & Cie." in 1895, with more cases forthcoming.
The teaching material is presented as a video book at, providing students with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions. A corresponding worksheet facilitates individual decision-making. Afterward, students discuss and reflect on their choices in groups. The video book structure is chapter-based, utilizing animations and images to enhance comprehension.

This unit is designed for high schools and specialized schools, covering subjects like economics, social studies, history, and political science. It can be adjusted to varying academic levels and can be completed in a few lessons.

Resources include the video book, decision-making worksheets, teacher sample answers, and support material. Students can develop competence in understanding Switzerland's economic and social development, applying historical knowledge, and making and justifying decisions.

Sponsored by the Swiss National Bank, Iconomix actively promotes economic and financial literacy in Switzerland, providing educational materials for upper secondary schools. The program has seen significant use in Swiss upper secondary education.