Levels of the Meadow, created by Betzold, is an educational game that offers a hands-on exploration of the meadow's ecosystem. This specially designed tool is perfect for interactive teaching in primary schools and encourages children to delve into the various layers of the meadow. It's a versatile resource suitable for both classroom instruction and creative play in kindergarten.
By using four wooden strips with guide grooves, students can assemble different meadow layer elements and arrange 17 animal figures, resulting in an instantly engaging three-dimensional model. Levels of the Meadow fosters experiential learning, sparks imagination, and enhances language skills. This game not only provides an enjoyable and captivating experience but also follows a didactic approach, helping children discover native plant and animal species in the meadow habitat.
Here are some key features of Levels of the Meadow:● Crafted from wood, creating a tactile three-dimensional model.● Features beautifully illustrated meadow layer elements and animals.● Includes templates for crafts and additional visual aids.● Aligned with the current primary school curriculum, making it suitable for 1st and 2nd-grade classes.Adaptable for bilingual lessons.● Perfect for open-ended play in kindergarten settings.● Fosters language development, analytical thinking, and cognitive skills.● Encourages interactive learning.