SPRACHWELT 1 is a comprehensive German educational tool for students from kindergarten to 6th grade, covering the full German curriculum. It emphasizes essential language skills such as Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, and Literature, along with interdisciplinary competencies in Media and Computer Science.
This versatile resource offers both print and digital materials, making it suitable for diverse learners with varying abilities. It promotes interactive and exploratory learning, encouraging both guided and independent study and promotes cooperative forms of learning. Aligning with the curriculum 21 it can be used both in year groups and in multi-year classes.

The core of SPRACHWELT 1 includes modular play and learning environments that provide goal-oriented language activities and reflection. Curriculum-structured workbooks help students develop their language skills, allowing for individualised learning.

For teachers, the filRouge (teacher's commentary) assists in lesson planning and evaluation by providing essential materials and answers to questions. All materials are structured for teachers, students, and the entire class.

In summary, SPRACHWELT 1 is an adaptable educational tool for the first cycle of German lessons. It focuses on competency-based learning, interactivity, and inclusivity, providing both teachers and students with an engaging and collaborative learning environment.