Most of the textbook series Die Sprachstarken is now available in a new edition. In developing this edition, we have taken into consideration the feedback provided by teachers based on their many years of experience. What has proven effective in the classroom remains unchanged, and we have added a number of helpful new features.
One such addition is Die Sprachstarken 1, designed for standard language acquisition in the first year of school. This new textbook recognizes the individuality of every child and provides tailored support. Die Sprachstarken 1 includes five workbooks (Listening and Speaking, Reading, Writing, Letters of the Alphabet, Handwriting), digital learning workshops, and a box containing 15 particularly easy-to-read booklets. The workbooks are also available in a separate digital edition for teachers. Additionally, teachers receive an accompanying book providing comments and assistance in preparing their lessons, a brochure outlining the didactic principles and various other helpful tools.

Die Sprachstarken 1 systematically guides children toward the independent use of standard German, encourages inclusive teaching and age-mixed learning, caters to the needs of children for whom German is a second language, and promotes independent practice, particularly through digital learning workshops.