SimplyNano 2® is the world's first experimental teaching aid on nanotechnology for schools. The focus of the teaching aid is to get young people excited about technology and to teach them the basics of nanotechnology.
Through exciting, hands-on experiments and inquiry-based learning, students are encouraged to independently explore the special properties of nanomaterials and learn about their applications in everyday products and technical fields.

The 37 ready-to-use experiments with "WOW" effects on 10 different nanophenomena in the fields of nanobionics, nanoproducts and nanomaterials get young people excited about new technologies and help to break down fears of natural science subjects. In this way, the next generation of skilled workers can be promoted equally among boys and girls.

The learning medium contains a comprehensive experimentation kit with all chemicals and products, experimentation and learning materials, extensive documentation for teachers, a USB stick with electronic documents, online tools and offers training courses for teachers.

SimplyNano 2® was developed jointly by leading nanotechnology experts and teachers in Switzerland. It is currently being used in ten German-speaking cantons of Switzerland in over 500 secondary schools. SimplyNano 2® is a multilingual teaching aid that will also be used abroad. The SimplyNano® project was awarded the "Building Award 2021" in the category "Promoting technology among young people".

Conclusion: SimplyNano 2® takes a new, integrative approach to youth and technology promotion by inspiring learners with experiments, training teachers and networking with companies.