Children with weaker motor skills often experience frustration when learning to write, in contrast to the enthusiasm displayed by most children when they first attempt freehand drawing. This noticeable difference led the author to critically reevaluate traditional writing courses and develop a new method that places a strong emphasis on motor skill development in writing. This innovative approach departs from the traditional method, giving priority to writing fluency overachieving perfect form.
Typically, mastering a sequence of movements requires approximately 1000 repetitions for automation. The Schreibfluss teaching aid introduces a fresh approach, aiming to create a learning environment where children can engage in intensive and enjoyable writing with a sense of rhythm and sound. This approach encourages them to perceive writing as a personal and valuable aspect of their identity right from the beginning.

This course, designed to acquire primary writing skills, is intended for use in primary schools and covers writing acquisition from kindergarten to third grade, as well as enhancing writing skills from fourth to sixth grade. It is also suitable for special schools and supports differentiated teaching, in line with the principles of Curriculum 21.

It's also important to note that the Schreibfluss teaching aid excludes the "Rounding" chapter, allowing children to discover their individual approach to cursive writing.