Profolio is a groundbreaking digital career decision-making tool in Switzerland, specially designed to assist young individuals in addressing crucial questions about their future. Structured into six chapters, it offers guidance in the journey of self-discovery, understanding one's capabilities, and determining aspirations. Profolio plays a pivotal role in the career selection process, providing support for students, teachers, parents, and other stakeholders. It supports foreign-language families in over 10 languages so that all parents can optimally support their children. Its primary objectives include enhancing students' self-awareness, exploring various life and career paths, encouraging self-reflection, analyzing training options, promoting authentic argumentation, and ultimately guiding them toward making conscious, realistic, and sustainable career choices. With Profolio, young people find their personal answer to the three central questions "Who am I? What are my skills? What do I want?"
Profolio empowers young people starting at the age of 12 to make informed and independent life decisions. It assists in personal orientation, fostering connections within their social and professional networks and elevating overall life satisfaction. The platform motivates them to systematically plan their personal and professional futures in an organized and sustainable manner. Through Profolio, students gain valuable insights into their competencies, potentials, and opportunities, which they utilize to derive meaningful career options, not just for their initial choice but for their lifelong journey.
Additionally, the platform nurtures essential skills like self-awareness, social interactions, research, presentation, decision-making, and taking action. Personal development remains central to the career decision-making process.
Profolio encourages young individuals to work independently while receiving guidance from a coach, such as a teacher or career counselor. The program excels in vocational counseling classes or individual career counseling sessions, leading students through six chapters filled with engaging challenges. These tasks encourage profound thinking, action, and reflection, providing a structured path toward higher education or a suitable apprenticeship.In essence, Profolio's primary goal is to prepare secondary school students for their future careers or higher education, ensuring they can confidently declare, "I love my job!" It equips students with the necessary tools to make well-informed and fulfilling career choices.