The phorEasy® electrophoresis system is an educational product known for its strong didactic value and exceptional performance. This ultra-compact electrophoresis tool enables rapid migrations (5 to 15 minutes per gel) while maintaining impressive sharpness, thanks to its reduced dimensions and low-voltage power supply. It supports real-time visualization and the capture of high-quality photographs, and the accompanying PhorEasy didactic software aids in size measurements.
The 16-well Thermocycler is designed for efficient gene amplification through rapid PCR, swiftly transitioning between temperatures from 5°C to 100°C. It features a user-friendly control screen compatible with both PCs and tablets. The included Thermocycling software assists users in comprehending biological phenomena during various heating cycles.

The PCR Express Kit (DNA replication principle express PCR kit - for 18 PCR) is tailored for gene amplification without the need for extensive sample preparation. It targets specific genes using provided template DNA, and the results are validated using a molecular weight scale during electrophoresis. This technique closely mimics in-vivo replication, encompassing primer binding, polymerase enzyme activity, deoxynucleotide synthesis, and complementary strand formation.

This comprehensive set is an ideal tool for studying DNA and biological protocols, making it suitable for both classroom and laboratory settings. It not only saves time but also conserves space, providing an all-in-one solution for hands-on learning.