The Oxocard Science offers three applications in one device: it is a programmable learning computer, an experimental board with extensive sensor technology and a room sensor. You can read sensor data directly on the high-resolution screen without having to connect the card to a computer.
The credit card-sized, programmable multi-sensor board is supplied with ready-made programs. Students can use the board immediately and conduct various experiments with over thirteen sensor readings. All programs are available with complete source code, so you can easily look "behind the scenes" to find out how something works.

The examples are all available with the specially developed educational programming language NanoPy (formerly known as Oxoscript). This language is a mixture of the programming languages Python and Basic, which are popular in education. It simplifies, condenses and optimises the Python programming language, which is over thirty years old, for use in the education sector.

The map also follows a new pedagogical concept called "Use, Modify, Create", which above all promotes student motivation. Existing examples are adapted under guidance.

A number of innovations have been developed in the Oxocard Science project that make the product unique in several respects:
• the new educational programming language NanoPy
• over 100 ready-to-use, professionally developed programmes that can be used immediately - including complete source code
• a free, browser-based development environment with online documentation, tutorials, debugging and powerful code editor
• Observation mode with which code can be viewed at runtime
• constant editor with which beginners can modify code with sliders.
• The project is accompanied by the new teaching aid Informatikmagie (HEP Verlag).