The Language Grid's 'Myspace' platform represents a distinctive approach to Business English training. Designed specifically for top-tier managers and C-suite leaders, Myspace prioritises real-world, everyday business life skills over traditional grammar-focused methods. By focusing on these practical skills, we empower clients to actively engage in business endeavours using their English, rather than merely studying it. The platform embodies a client-centred philosophy and champions the flipped learning model, ensuring that learners are actively engaged and at the forefront of their educational journey. While it leverages the advantages of digital learning, its essence is deeply rooted in the human connection, emphasizing that true progress stems from genuine human interactions.
Beyond its innovative approach, Myspace is complete with specialized tools and resources, ensuring both learners and trainers have everything they need for an enriching experience. Our unwavering commitment to premium quality and service is reflected in TLG's ISO and Eaquals certifications, reinforcing our position as Italy's leading Educational and Training provider.