M&I-400 - The training equipment for developing skills in mechatronics and industry 4.0 technologies.
M&I-400 is a learning system designed to help technology instructors who are looking for innovative formulas to help their students to develop skills and get used to the most sought after mechatronics and industry 4.0 technologies.

This training equipment makes it possible to carry out projects and activities that motivate students during their practical classes due to the relevance of the integrated industrial components and its attractive design.

M&I-400 emulates a highly automated factory, where different types of products are produced, packed and shipped. The M&I-400 training system makes it possible to work on advanced and connected manufacturing concepts.

Its modular nature allows the user to configure the system that best suits their needs, also enabling staggered growth over time. Starting from an initial basic configuration, a subsequent expansion is possible, adding new workstations and, therefore, new technologies.
The M&I-400 training equipment offers a professional training experience that matches the industrial reality, where all the components are of standardised use in the industry. What's more, it's a flexible system that allows the user to customise certain parameters, such as the range of controller used.

The M&I-400 training equipment has two work areas, the assembly area and the logistics area.

ASSEMBLY: The assembly process is made up of 9 sequential stations. During this process, the container is supplied, as well as the different fillings, smart or basic. As well as this, the capping, quality inspection and storage of the product takes place.
“Pick to Light” Station - The M&I-407 corrections station is included in the assembly process. It's a guided correction station, with manual interaction, where PTL (Pick / Put to Light) technology is used.
LOGISTICS: The logistics block is made up of 2 stations, also sequential, the packing station and the dispatch station. In this part of the process, the products can be packed in secondary packaging and then dispatched along the different ramps.
M&I-400 is composed of up to 11 independent stations with integrated control.
The production, packaging and dispatch of different types of products are carried out at the different processing stations. All managed using an M.E.S. system.

Each of the M&I-400 system stations carries out a different part of the process.