MATHWELT Training introduces a comprehensive digital exercise platform designed for the 1st and 2nd cycles, aligning with all three competence areas outlined in "Curriculum 21." With more than 130 sets of exercises, students from various school years can strengthen their grasp of fundamental mathematical concepts related to "Number and Variable," "Shape and Space," and "Quantities, Functions, Data, and Chance." These exercises aim to improve mathematical fluency.
This digital resource complements the MATHWELT 1 and MATHWELT 2 teaching materials, ensuring a smooth transition between the two cycles. It offers adaptability through various filters and intuitive navigation features, allowing customization to individual needs. Users can directly access exercises using 3-digit navigation codes.
The platform accommodates individual practice at different competence levels, providing exercises with adjustable complexity across up to three levels. Users can also choose to display or hide visual aids (examples) as needed. The license for MATHWELT Training is readily available within teacher accounts, making it easy to assign to students without requiring a separate purchase. Teachers gain access to all digital assignments, facilitating effective mathematics teaching and learning.