IDOL is a collection of high-quality microscopic preparations carefully selected in the fields of animal biology, plant biology, microbiology, and geology.
Observation● IDOL features a user-friendly interface that requires no learning curve.● It offers a continuous zoom function, enabling a smooth transition from a general view to a detailed one. IDOL employs the same technology as current mapping software. ● Users can place markers to remember specific areas of interest.
Processing● Perform measurements, counts, and mapping.Compare two distant areas or two different preparations.
Information● Access INFO and HELP sheets providing valuable scientific information, including identification keys and scientific insights.
Production ● Utilize a digital reporting tool for creating dedicated reports.
IDOL serves as a solution to guide students in conducting investigations on a microscopic scale and working independently. With this tool, users can observe various microscopic preparations, conduct analyses, gather information, and generate informative reports.
This digital software greatly assists students, both in the classroom and at home.