The Makerspace on Wheels - Ultimate is a comprehensive mobile maker's kit designed to provide an engaging and versatile hands-on learning experience. It comes in a red wagon made in Switzerland with 10 boxes and inlets for organized storage of making materials. It's well-equipped to implement the Challenge Cards from PHs and
This resource is designed for setting up a makerspace or a maker corner in a classroom, making it ideal for cross-curricular and competency-based teaching. It focuses on fostering 4K competencies and future skills. The package includes a class set of 20 Calliope mini boards and various components like motors, cables, buzzers, and potentiometers, all tailored to work with the Calliope mini. The kit can also be expanded with Making Packages, 3D printers, or additional boards, depending on your needs.
The Makerspace On Wheels is best suited for primary and secondary schools, serving children aged 9 to 17. It includes the wagon, 10 boxes with 72 inlets, various instructional materials, power rails, a stand, Calliope equipment, a 3D printer with filament, and a mechanics package with gears, axles, screws, and more.