Kunst & Bild is an educational resource specially designed for classroom use, offering students a diverse range of knowledge and learning content for the subject of visual design. It stands out with its clear organization, attractive design, and high-quality educational material.

Kunst & Bild is structured into multiple lesson plans, each covering various subject areas. These topics encompass processes and products inherent to the teaching of visual design. Different visual elements combined with different methods and various topics can be thought to the students, according to the curriculum. As a result, "Kunst & Bild" serves as a comprehensive educational foundation for visual design, enabling educators to create diverse and engaging lessons.

In addition to printed materials, Kunst & Bild also provides digital resources and online tools to support the learning process. These tools may include overviews to each teaching project, various pictures to work with, and access to supplementary learning materials.

Overall, Kunst & Bild is a versatile educational resource that assists educators in delivering a robust and engaging education to students. Its purpose is to enhance the learning process and equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in various subject areas.

This resource comprises 36 lesson plans that cover a wide range of artistic techniques, including drawing, painting, photography, collage, modelling, and staging, among others. These lesson plans are meticulously documented with photographs and are suitable for students in Cycle 2 and Cycle 3. They draw inspiration from students' life experiences, as well as art and everyday imagery. These plans encourage teachers to facilitate process-oriented and independent approaches to visual design within their classes. All projects have been rigorously tested in real-world classroom settings, effectively demonstrating how the competencies of Curriculum 21 can be developed through art education.