Digital learning as individual as you are.
The digital learning portal Festo LX combines industry expertise with didactic know-how to create unique learning experiences. Festo LX covers a wide range of technical topics - from technical basics up to the trends in automation technology and sustainability. The learning content is thematic, competence-oriented, job-specific and structured according to the level of difficulty.

A special feature is that Festo LX perfectly complements Festo Didactic's range of learning systems and learning simulations, enabling holistic learning environments. Because especially in technical education it is important to transfer knowledge into practice. Depending on the learning situation, different learning formats are used: eLearning courses or videos which can also be used without learning systems, evaluation to test your knowledge, as well as eLab courses with relation to hardware.

Festo LX is based on multimedia learning nuggets that are combined to create courses and learning paths. Using this development principle, you can customize all course contents and even create your own material. The LX Creator is an integrated authoring tool and enables teachers to create new content. Different formats such as texts, images, animations or videos can be integrated on the digital learning portal. To create a learning experience as individual as you are.

The digital learning portal is used in vocational schools, universities but also in industrial companies for apprenticeship programs or further qualification of employees. The Digital Learning department at Festo Didactic is continuously working on the further development of the digital learning portal.