The CU-Book is a groundbreaking educational system designed to teach real computer skills in the fields of mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology. It is particularly oriented towards the subject of chemistry but can be applied across various subjects and educational levels, from middle school to high school. Even university professors have recognized its value as a foundation for their graduates.
The book includes sample files, descriptions, and video tutorials accessible via QR codes, along with online solutions for all tasks. It covers a huge range of topics, including general up to professional computer skills, workplace ergonomics, app recommendations, curricula, specific content for different learning levels, formulas and equations, LaTeX programming, data visualization, and much more.
The CU-Book empowers students to explore the technical possibilities of software across Windows, MacOS, and Linux operating systems which is free of charge, so everybody can use it. This learning system is based on 15 years of experience in computer use in science education and provides an innovative foundation for future generations. The CU Book gives them back their creativity and ignites new independent ideas and imaginations, because they are the creators of tomorrow.