COURAGE is a social game in two senses: it is played within society, and it's about our society itself. It revolves around a fundamental question: What changes would you like to see in our society, and how can you contribute to making them happen? As you and other players draw, pantomime, talk, or even choose to remain silent, cut, and puzzle, these questions will resonate with you, potentially extending beyond the end of the game. This is precisely why we created this game.
Throughout history, countless individuals worldwide have fought or are still fighting for human rights. COURAGE brings you closer to a select few who have made or are making significant contributions to shaping society. These individuals are those who have passionately advocated for equal rights, those who have peacefully resisted discrimination, and those who empathize with the suffering of others, striving to alleviate it. They also include young people who believe in their ability to change the world and move mountains. In short, they are the people who inspire us, the creators of this game, and instill in us the belief that a fairer and more liberated coexistence is possible, with each of us holding the tools for change in our hands.