C’est ça in cycle 3 builds upon the foundation laid by "Ça roule" in cycle 2 to create a fun and effective learning experience for teaching French as the first foreign language. This program offers a structured approach to develop, reinforce, and expand language skills.
Key Features of C’est ça:
Continuation: It seamlessly follows the curriculum of "Ça roule" for cycle 2. Engaging Topics: Age-appropriate themes make learning enjoyable and relatable. Systematic Instruction: Emphasis is placed on the systematic teaching of grammar and vocabulary with ample practice. Adaptability: The textbook can be customized to suit individual learning needs. Curriculum Alignment: "C’est ça" aligns with the learning objectives of Curriculum 21 for French as the first foreign language. The program covers a wide range of competencies, including listening, reading, speaking, writing, and cultural understanding. Vocabulary and language structures are methodically introduced, reviewed, and reinforced, with a focus on real-life usage.

C’est ça provides extensive opportunities for practice and repetition through various resources, including Cahier, Entraînement, and interactive exercises. Additionally, a digital VocaTrainer is available to aid vocabulary acquisition.

To support effective teaching, C’est ça offers differentiated versions (G for basic requirements and E for extended requirements) that cater to various learning levels. Teachers receive detailed guidance on implementing lessons, assessment methods, and options for modifying tasks.

The program is available in two editions: a completely digital "digiOne" version that enables online learning and a traditional printed edition that also includes digital supplements. Both editions align with the requirements of basic and extended learning levels.