"The WAH book" related to the subject Economy - Work - Household (german: Wirtschaft-Arbeit-Haushalt = WAH) in the 3rd cycle (secondary level I) is a teaching material made of 4 parts (fil rouge, theme book, documentation, digital WAH, additional material: card set), supplemented with digital components. The 16 chapters of the book cover all five competencies areas of Curriculum 21. "The WAH book" focuses on the various requirements of daily life by showing the close relationships and dependencies between business, work, and household.
Thanks to its form based on modules, it ensures a lot of flexibility, be it for the design of the hourly table models of the cantons, as well as for various lesson settings (single or double lessons, block days, project-like lessons) and class structures (year and mixed-age classes).
Starting from the model of didactic reduction, the teaching material guides teachers to initiate complete learning processes for their pupils to develop competencies. For this purpose, the teaching material provides sets of coordinated tasks (confrontation, development, synthesis, and transfer tasks).
The individual tasks perceive certain functions in the students' learning process and may be adapted to different heterogeneous requirements.