Schweizer Zahlenbuch - Swiss Book of Numbers


Based on the concept of active and explorative learning, the practical experience of hundreds of teachers was drawn on to further develop "Schweizer Zahlenbuch".
This textbook focuses on the basic ideas of arithmetic, geometry, and how to deal with word problems. These ideas are developed in primary school as part of the spiral learning progression and are systematically enhanced, repeated, and extended. Working on mathematical topics in larger thematic blocks guarantees in-depth treatment while avoiding excessive changes.
PlanningPrepare lessons efficiently thanks to a handy summary in A3 format, the "teaching cockpit", which includes tips on proven implementation in the school routine as well as practical comments for each learning environment (chapter).
DifferentiationWhile children who are good learners can work on a large number of challenging tasks for higher demands, the Orthopaedagogical Commentary offers tried-and-tested support in promoting children with various learning difficulties.
PracticeSome 1000 exercises in "flash calculating" per volume are available to pupils so that they can enhance their capabilities at school or at home.
DigitalFurther tasks, copy sheets, learning goal checks, and solutions can be found both online and offline. The digital materials can be accessed and used by teachers as well as pupils at school, on the go, and at home, at any time.