Speexx Business English Crash Course"Working from Home"


Launched in March 2020, Speexx’ Business English Crash Course "Working from Home" provides a unique skills assessment and training resource that covers all aspects of using Business English and video technology in a remote work environment. Free for large, international corporations already using Speexx, "Working From Home" is Speexx’ contribution to the learning and development community, built specifically at a time when millions of workers were forced to quickly shift all work and learning to the home.
The "Working from Home" offering is a six-week training course that provides the following:
Best practices and guidance on working from home, including: smart working; hosting or participating in online meetings; troubleshooting tech issues, managing remote teams; tips on organizing private and professional life when working from home for prolonged periods of time
Live coaching sessions during which users can practice virtual conferences with users from around the globe
Speexx’ new VideoLab, which allows users to prepare online meetings and become confident when it comes to English public speaking – all in a safe environment; they receive individual feedback on their on-camera performances
A fresh new user interface that comes equipped with a customized registration portal for easy access (all employees can register with their company email addresses, and interfaces will match their corporation’s look and feel)
Online exercises, a pronunciation lab, and a vocabulary trainer
Specific remote work and video conferencing content that Speexx updates on a regular basis along with its editorial team
The product is for Business English only but comes with 13 different user interface languages. As mentioned above, Speexx VideoLab is the first artificial intelligence-based video platform for personalized business communications skills training. Completely integrated with the Speexx platform, the VideoLab offers customized and detailed feedback for real-life business situations, combining AI and a personal coach that work together to provide each user with immediate evaluation and guidance on things like how to improve tonality, syntax, expression, and pronunciation. Users can also practice presentation skills in a safe environment using VideoLab. Indeed, this feature is designed to truly empower users to be comfortable with public speaking in English.
As an international company with offices scattered throughout the globe, Speexx understands, firsthand, that remote work can be a challenge. The “Working from Home” Business English Crash Course is Speexx’ effort to support partners in HR and L&D in a key area of the new age of working from home, based on its years of experience it has as a remote working company and a leading digital learning provider.