Einfach Informatik 5/6 – simply computer science 5/6


"Einfach Informatik 5/6" consists of two school books for the pupils and two accompanying books for the teacher.
With the volume "Programmieren", the pupils learn:• that a program is a way of telling a computer in its language what it has to do.• how to get the computer to understand new "words" (commands) in order to control it more easily.• basic concepts of programming such as loops and branches.The volume "Programmieren" stands out for its clear and simple language, well-structured design, and easily understood instructions. At the end of each of the four chapters, there is a summary and a "test yourself" section.
With the volume "Lösungen finden", the pupils learn:• how to guide a robot through a labyrinth and how to navigate a car.• how to protect data using secret codes, passwords and self-correcting coding.• how to represent texts and images in a space-saving way (compress them).• how to subdivide a problem (e.g. the way from A to B) into discrete steps and represent them graphically.The volume "Lösungen finden" familiarises the children with the most important concepts of informatics in an age-appropriate manner.