What is the School Sports Planner?
The "prep app" for physical education
With this new online tool, PE teachers can compose their own digital sports plans - from kindergarten up to the 9th grade. "" offers a web-based planning guide for physical education. Lessons can be compiled from more than 1000 modules and placed directly into a quarterly plan. Every module contains a visual explanation of the exercises and a 3D overview (hall plan). This web tool aims to facilitate the preparation of informative and versatile physical education, in the scope of the goals and requirements of the Lehrplan 21.
The ideaAs experience has shown, physical education in elementary and middle school is often not sufficiently prepared and thought-out. Even with the proper teaching equipment, pupils often perceive physical education lessons as random, arbitrary, and ill-prepared. Inadequate lesson plans in physical education may stem from the loose definition or the complexity of the subject itself."" helps to prepare versatile, purposeful, and target-oriented physical education over the course of one quarter or semester. Moreover, "" can provide relevant content for each lesson regarding the curriculum "Lehrplan 21". Many of the modules refer to other digital and analog teaching materials. They illustrate lesson contents with exemplary videos and refer to alternative exercises and forms of play.
In developing the modules, our team of authors envisioned an uplifting and ambitious physical education program. This modular system visualizes past achievements and future goals more clearly. One can find learning activities, physical exercises, and ideas for variations of tasks to vary the intensity. Thereby, we seek to raise awareness regarding the structured development of meaningful content and tailored lesson planning.
The road to an ideal quarterly, half-yearly, or annual plan● Create a class● Set up a calendar● Regional holidays are automatically added● Blank sports plan is ready