Prisma digiOne


"digiOne" is our first digital all-round textbook. It leaves the notion of turning pages behind and is based on the concept of a responsive design website for intuitive use.
For "digiOne", we take close account of the day-to-day situation in the classroom and especially of the teaching principles at the respective school level. It is critical to be aware of the level for which a digital textbook is being developed. The routine and teaching at primary and secondary school are very different from teaching at vocational school or even at university.
Social competencies in the classroom, particularly interpersonal communication, explorative learning, and the didactic guidelines remain paramount. Technical features support real-life teaching rather than replacing it.

    "digiOne" gives teachers and their classes a single point of access to all parts of the textbook, anywhere and regardless of the device used, making teaching more efficient.
    "digiOne" enables teachers to have more time for the individual promotion of their pupils.
    "digiOne" offers teachers as well as pupils new ways of structuring lessons while catering to their digital affinity.
    "digiOne" comes in two versions: one for teachers and one for learners.

Pupils can use a dashboard, work on the subject matter and the tasks online, and create notes which they can publish within the class or a learning or project group. Navigation is based on travel points that show what has already been studied.
The version for teachers combines the school book and the accompanying book. A dashboard for the teacher serves as a control center. Here, the class and learning or project groups can be set up. This allows teachers to be kept informed about the progress made, the subject matter currently worked on, and the class organization.
In the chapters, didactic notes and a glossary can be called up at the relevant spot, notes and links can be stored and solutions displayed. Navigation is based on travel points that show what has already been studied and where learning priorities have been set.