Open World


"Open World" features topics to which young people easily relate. This way, the subject matter helps to motivate pupils to learn English.
They work with the Coursebook, which includes both educational content and tasks, and with the Language Companion where they find the vocabulary, language structures, learning strategies, and input to reflect on their own learning.
The instructions are short and easy to understand, with color-coded toolboxes providing additional support. Each unit is devoted to a main topic and concludes with a task (focus page).
Practice and repetition form part of learning a foreign language. Apart from the tasks in the Coursebook, a wealth of interactive exercises and online audios are available.
Digitally on the go● The Digital Edition for Teachers allows pages from the Coursebook to be projected onto the wall. Focussing and zooming, displaying solutions, and playing audios are further practical functions.● Using their online access in the Coursebook, learners find numerous interactive exercises helping with vocabulary, listening, and reading comprehension as well as language structures. Students can also work individually with the audios.● Quizlet, which is accessible to everyone, enables independent practicing of the vocabulary in the units.
Reaching goals The basic requirements for English as the first foreign language are met with the first two volumes, the advanced requirements with volumes 1 to 3. In each unit, the build-up of language competence culminates in a final task (focus page). Multilingual didactics, language mediation as well as language and cultural awareness are fixed components of “Open World”.
Comprehensive supplementary materialThe Teacher’s Book includes, among other things, didactic comments and suggestions for all units, summaries, plans for the school year, solutions, and specific proposals for internal differentiation.
The Evaluations learning checks provide teachers with practical comments for the preparation, implementation, and assessment of learning checks.
The numerous Support and Boost worksheets facilitate differentiation in the classroom. They are closely coordinated with the Coursebook.
The Digital Edition for Teachers of the Coursebook features useful extra functions such as focusing and zooming parts of the page, displaying solutions, playing audios, or creating notes.