NaTech 7–9


"NaTech 7–9" is a teaching resource for use in lower secondary level science lessons for years 7 to 9 in Switzerland. It covers all science competencies required in the curriculum (‘Lehrplan 21: Natur und Technik’).
"NaTech 7–9" is designed as an interdisciplinary resource that also looks in detail at specific disciplines such as physics, chemistry, and biology. As a result, it includes both integrated and subject-specific chapters. Particular attention has been paid to ensuring that pupils learn scientific methods and techniques alongside scientific concepts. Therefore, with "NaTech 7–9" it is possible to gradually establish competencies – including interdisciplinary competencies – in a spiral learning approach to science from kindergarten ("Kinder begegnen Natur und Technik") through the primary level ("NaTech 1–6") to the end of the lower secondary level ("Natech 7–9").
"NaTech 7–9" is based on a social-constructivist view of teaching and learning. This means that pupils have the opportunity to build on what they have learned so far, follow their own learning path, and, where necessary, receive individual support. The resource also offers different approaches to acquiring new competencies based on different social formats for learning activities.