MODI: The easiest and most intuitive way to learn coding.● MODI is a coding education platform professionally developed in-house at Luxrobo. It consists of MODI Modules (hardware), MODI Studio (software), and MODI Learning (AI LMS). ● Through hands-on, project-based activities, learners of all ages are able to tackle problems logically while developing critical thinking and computational thinking skills. 

1. MODI Module:Every MODI Kit contains input, output, and set up modules. Our special magnetic connectors allow learners to easily understand the basics of computer programming.
2. MODI Studio:Implementing algorithms with block-based coding. Its unique GUI (Graphical User Interface) tool enables intuitive drag-and-drop coding that's easy to understand even for beginners.
3. MODI Learning:MODI based curriculum aligned with key computer science and coding standards (CSTA and ISTE).