"The HUE HD Pro" is a colorful and characterful classroom camera. It was specifically designed for teachers, it's simple to use and doesn't require training.
At a price of $79.95 teachers can afford to buy one for themselves or schools can afford to put one in every classroom for the same cost as one heavy-duty document camera. It is also ideal for distance learning and tutoring, as well as video conferencing.
The camera has a solid and robust design whilst being lightweight and portable.
"The HUE HD Pro" can be used immediately with standard classroom applications that recognize a USB camera. The camera can be plugged into a USB port in a computer or laptop, either directly by the neck or via the solid base and a 1.8m USB cable. The computer can then be connected to a projector so that images can be viewed on a whiteboard or touchscreens.
The camera can record sound and video and take snapshots and has a built-in microphone and LED lights.
Compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebooks, the camera also comes with its own software: HUE Intuition, which works with macOS and Windows. A new Chrome app is available in the beta version.
HUE Intuition SoftwareHUE Intuition offers the full suite of camera management tools which enables teachers to master the full functionality of the HUE HD Pro camera with ease. Each camera comes with a single user perpetual license. Additional and whole school licenses are available on request.
The software allows you to:● Record video and sound and save movies● Share your movies by email or upload them to YouTube● Annotate images and save as JPG/BMP/PNG/GIF● Take snapshots and flip images● Take multiple images over time
The beta version of the new HUE Camera Viewer app for Chrome is available for teachers to test now. The functionality mirrors that of HUE Intuition but the app is completely free for users of HUE cameras and doesn’t require installation locally or user accounts and passwords. It can be used directly with your Google drive so there is no requirement for downloading or storing files locally.