eduBotics – Robotic and Coding BAsic Set


"eduBotics" offers the solution for the current digital education crisis in schools. There are many offers on the market for the topic of robotic and coding, which are however still very playful and not sufficiently educational. The prices and age recommendations are furthermore not suitable for primary and secondary schools. That is where eduBotics comes into play.
"eduBotics" is especially made for schools and combines the construction of machines and robots with their coding based on the Arduino board. We hereby take up the topic of digitalization in the education sector in the long term and integrally. We provide teachers as well as students curriculum-oriented products that make the digital world understandable.Thanks to the building block system, the use is much more versatile than with other robotic products. At the same time, the construction concept refrains from too many details, so that the implementation within the usual school lesson remains possible.
Updatable accompanying material for the use during school lessons – but also in a private setting – is available for download and offers content for already 52 school lessons. "eduBotics" is available for different age groups starting from 7 years.
The "eduBotics" assortment covers the following topics with several further sub-topics:
For primary schools:● Programming● Gear mechanisms● Automobile and robot construction, with and without programming● Use of sensors● Control of sound and signal systems, e. g. traffic lights
For secondary schools:● Construction and programming of scanners● Electronic DIY musical instruments● Autonomous driving● Industry 4.0 – robotics at the workplace● Computer games – building game controllers and game programming
The specialized software "Studuino" focuses more strongly on the use in the education sector and was specially developed for the Arduino control unit. In addition, a use over Arduino is also possible.
The product benefit is developed in the Scrum-principle: Several contents are already available at the launch of the product. Thanks to the platform the content is extendable at any time. Customers thereby get further possibilities of the application without having to buy additional products.
In cooperation with technical universities, teachers, reference classes, and based on crowd sourcing where ideas of users are picked up, we gradually expand the content. That is how we guarantee, that the product can be adapted to current topics even after years.