dis donc! 7-9


"dis donc!" digital is the new teaching resource for French as a second language for years 7 to 9 in Switzerland. In keeping with the spiral approach as a basis for learning, it builds on "dis donc!" 5 and 6 digital for primary schools.
The teaching resource is characterized by a comprehensive and cutting-edge digitalization concept that is pioneering in this form. "dis donc!" digital is available as a fully digital textbook and workbook, both for pupils and for teachers. Users can write directly in the learning exercises or highlight parts of the text, and there are useful functions such as a photo upload for the documentation of tasks or a smart search of all "dis donc!" content, making it easier to use and navigate your way around the material.
"dis donc!" digital is not dependent on any specific device or platform. Access is simple and possible from anywhere, whether it’s at school, from home, or while out and about. An internet connection is all that’s required.