The products can be submitted within the six categories which directly correspond to the ISCED classification adopted by UNESCO.
- Early childhood educational product ( ISCED 01-02)- Primary and lower secondary education (ISCED 1-2)- Upper secondary and post- secondary non tertiary education (ISCED 3-4) - Post-compulsory education (ISCED 5-8)- Technical and Vocational Education and Training- Special needs education
All educational fields / areas will be accepted as long as the submitted product is not a sample but commercially available.
1. Digital2. Non digital3. Hybrid
In each category products which are rated 70% or higher will be considered and thereof one digital product, one non - digital and one hybrid will be chosen. In addition the “Worlddidac Swisscom Award” for the best digital solution, as well as the “Worlddidac Innovative Approach Award” for the most exceptional product, will be presented.